Your fundraiser FAQ

What can the David Suzuki Foundation give me?

  • Support materials, such as brochures, newsletters, information cards
  • The name "David Suzuki Foundation" for any promotional materials
  • Foundation web banners for your site
  • A "David Suzuki Foundation Approved Fundraiser" logo for promotional materials.
  • Content for your custom messaging, artwork and promotions
  • A special thank you letter and certificate after your fundraiser is complete
  • Tax receipts (as required)

What can't the David Suzuki Foundation do?

  • Guarantee staff or volunteer support at/for your event
  • Become a partner or member
  • Promote your event/product to our members
  • Offer use of our logo

What are some good event ideas?

  • Potluck
  • Dinner party
  • Auction
  • Bake sale
  • Afternoon tea
  • Shore clean-up
  • Costume party
  • Movie night
  • Sports day
  • Car wash
  • Dance
  • Yard sale
  • A-thons (run-a-thon, swim-a-thon, etc.)
  • Bingo

What fundraisers are going on right now?

What are some ways I can make my event "green"?

  • Email invites, or use 100% recycled paper
  • Provide local, organic food and drinks
  • Serve water in jugs, not bottled water
  • Avoid throw-away utensils — go for reusable plates, glasses and cloth napkins
  • Decorate with local flowers that are in season
  • Ask your guests to carpool, take the bus, bike or walk to your event
  • Don't give away useless swag or info sheets
  • Make your sporting event green, or host a certified sustainable race

How do I ask for donations?

  • Before your event, notify your guests ahead of the event that it is a fundraiser. E.g. "Donations accepted for the David Suzuki Foundation. Suggested $x per person"
  • At your event, provide a container where guests can place their cheque or cash gifts, and slips of paper for credit card info and donation amount. Also provide a specific explanation of what cause the donation is supporting
  • Make an announcement at your event. Tell you guests why the environment is important to you, and ask the group to donate a specific amount
  • At the end of your event, let the group know how much money was raised and remind people that there is still time to give $x
  • After the event, send a group email or thank you note (recycled paper of course). Celebrate the donations received and let everyone know that they can still donate and send them a link to our donate page

How do I donate proceeds and get tax receipts for my guests?

  • Cheque — send us the cheques and we'll send a tax receipt to the name and address on each cheque
  • Cash — it is unsafe to send cash in the mail. Please write a cheque for the amount raised, or send in your credit card details (you keep the cash). We are able to provide a tax receipt for each donor if you include a list with their name, complete address, phone number, amount and date of donation, and name of fundraising event
  • Minimum donation for a receipt is $5.00

How do I thank my guests?

  • Make a special effort to thank all of your guests in person for their time, interest and donations
  • Ask you guests to share their concerns about the environment with friends and family
  • Send a thank you email a few days after the event. Ask who is going to host the next one!

Other questions? Email or call 1-800-453-1533 or 604-732-4228