Reusable Bag Incentive Fundraiser

plasticbag.jpg Peer into any check-out aisle across Canada and you'll see that a shopping bag revolution is underway. More and more, those pesky plastic bags that harm the environment are being replaced by reusable and eco-friendly alternatives.

Though this consumer trend is making huge strides, the shopping bag revolution still has a ways to go. More than one million plastic bags are used every minute, with an even higher number being produced. These plastic bags are entangling and killing marine life, and their "microplastic" pieces are leaching into the ground and contaminating crops.

Looking for a way to encourage your customers to take part in this shopping bag revolution?

The David Suzuki Foundation has created a plastic bag program designed to help your business make a difference for the environment while improving your image to customers and potential employees.

To set up a reusable bag incentive fundraiser:

  1. Review the Community fundraising guidelines

  2. Decide which fundraising model you'd like to use:
    1. Charge a nominal fee (five cents or more) for each bag requested
    2. Donate all or a portion of the proceeds from reusable bag sales
    3. Offer a nominal incentive (such as the cost of a bag) for customers to bring in their own reusable bags
    4. Any combination of a. through c.
  3. Submit your reusable bag incentive fundraiser idea:


    Note: Approved fundraisers will receive an official contract.

  4. If the contract is signed by both the fundraiser and DSF we will provide the "Proudly Supporting the David Suzuki Foundation" logo

  5. Prepare for the launch of your reusable bag incentive fundraiser:
    1. Create in-store and online signage and social media items
    2. Educate employees about the program
  6. Run your campaign:
    1. If possible, set up computers/cash registers to prompt employees to ask if customers would like to participate
    2. Publicize your project through your social media channels and also at point-of-sale
    3. Track progress and number of bags diverted and keep customers updated
  7. Complete program:
    1. Tally your final results
    2. Announce your results and celebrate your success with your customers
  8. Please submit proceeds by mailing a cheque payable to the David Suzuki Foundation to:

    David Suzuki Foundation
    Attention: Community Fundraising
    219-2211 W 4th Ave
    Vancouver, B.C. V6K 4S2

    Please include a note describing fundraiser details e.g., "from a reusable bag incentive program".