How we use your donations

Our work depends entirely on donations from supporters who share our concern for the environment and we are committed to effective use of their contributions. In 2014/15 we spent 73% on environmental programs, 23% on fundraising and donor stewardship, and 4% on administration. We strive to keep administration and fundraising costs as low as possible and we rely on thousands of hours of volunteer help ever year.

The Foundation's grassroots funding model allows us to be fully independent. Donations from a wide range of sources, including thousands of small individual donors, let us set an independent course. This form of fundraising and donor stewardship is more costly, but we feel it provides us with the independence needed for effective environmental leadership.

Does the David Suzuki Foundation pay Dr. Suzuki?

No. David Suzuki and Tara Cullis are our most dedicated volunteers. They are also among our largest donors, often donating speaking fees, book royalties and personal resources.

Do you provide grants to other organizations?

No, the Foundation is not a grant maker. We are an independent, non-partisan research and educational organization and do not make grants to others.

Ethical Gift Acceptance Policy

Given the potential for compromise or the perception of conflict, the David Suzuki Foundation also maintains strict ethical guidelines in our Gift Acceptance Policy. We take donations only when we are certain that they will further our charitable mission; and we decline gifts that may undermine our integrity, restrict our liberty of action or damage our reputation.

For more information please contact Andrea Seale, Director of Development & Strategic Partnerships at 604-732-4228 ext 1276 or

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