Send an e-card to help beluga whales

Beluga Migration

In 2014, we featured beluga whales for our holiday e-cards because people find them cute and charming.

(And that's probably because they're a lot like people — sociable, vocal and capable of making numerous facial expressions. Their upturned mouths even make them look like they're smiling!)

But two of the seven populations of beluga whales in Canadian waters are endangered. Two are threatened and another one is considered of special concern. There's nothing cute about that.

Now you can help protect belugas and support the Foundation's work safeguarding all the species that share this land and our precious coastal seas. When you order an e-card, you join a growing community of people who care about keeping the Earth safe and healthy today and for future generations.

Send an e-card to help beluga whales

Send an e-card to help butterflies

Butterfly kisses

Every fall, monarchs make an astonishing, 5,000-kilometre trip from Canada to Mexico—one of the longest insect migrations on Earth.

But monarch populations have drastically declined, due to habitat loss, pesticides and severe weather. This year there are fewer monarchs overwintering in Mexico than ever before.

In late February, the survivors will start their multigenerational journey northward, arriving in Canada in early summer.

By sending one of our butterfly e-cards, you will help us plant milkweed—the plant where monarch moms lay their eggs and the monarch caterpillars' main source of food—to welcome them back to Canada*.

Send an e-card to help butterflies

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