Wednesday, April 10, 2013 7 - 8 pm

Telephone, across Canada

Photo: Invitation to town hall meeting on protecting B.C.'s rich coastal waters

(Credit: Jodi Stark)

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Thanks for your interest in our April 10 telephone town hall on protecting B.C.'s northern coastal waters — and the coastal communities that depend on the ocean.

Hundreds of B.C. coastal residents from Powell River to Masset joined the call, asking questions of the David Suzuki Foundation's Senior Research Scientist, Scott Wallace and Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society's Sabine Jessen.

In a world of sound bites, this hour-long telephone town hall offers a deeper look at some of the issues facing Canada's west coast and coastal communities.

We had almost 100 people who posed questions to the panel, and were able to answer nine during the hour. Listen to the full conversation below.

Thanks to all who participated, and make sure you register for our next telephone town hall or telephone talk show.

From the David Suzuki Foundation Healthy Oceans Team, and our partners:

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society
Living Oceans Society