• Photo: Climate change

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    Climate change is considered by many scientists to be the most serious threat facing the world today. Find out what we're doing about it. More »

  • Photo: Health

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    Preventing pollutants and toxics from entering our environment and bodies would have a profound effect on the health of ordinary Canadians. Through strong policies, adequate systems and commitments by all levels of government, we can prevent the majority of the adverse environmental effects on our health. More »

  • Photo: Oceans

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    Oceans are critical to all life on earth, providing food, oxygen, recreation and economic opportunities. They also face many threats. Find out more about how we can — and are — protecting Canada's coastal and marine environments. More »

  • Photo: Wildlife & habitat

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    Most of us connect nature with outdoor activities, but our natural surroundings provide much more than a simple place to camp, hike and swim. The trees, plants and animals provide services essential to all life — collectively they clean the water, purify the air and maintain the soil. More »

  • Photo: Freshwater

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    We all use water to sustain our bodies, grow our food, support industry, have fun and get around. Learn more about how the David Suzuki Foundation is partnering with communities and all levels of government to protect Canada's water ecosystems. More »