Climate change

Global warming is a serious problem, and we're working to decrease carbon emissions in Canada.

On the national level, we are developing a clean, renewable energy plan for Canada through the Trottier Energy Futures Project. On the provincial level, we're encouraging friendly competition to see which province can adopt the best climate policies through our Race to the Top campaign. For individuals, we offer resources on how to go carbon neutral at home and at work.

Together, we can turn back climate change.

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Photo: Trottier Energy Futures Project

Trottier Energy Futures Project

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Photo: Race to the Top

Race to the Top

To encourage climate leadership by Canada's provinces, the David Suzuki Foundation is identifying effective climate policies, and building support by Canadians for action. Read more »

Photo: Four places to cut your carbon

Four places to cut your carbon

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Photo: Canada should embrace diversity, the economy is no exception

Canada should embrace diversity, the economy is no exception

September 17, 2014 | Climate & Clean Energy

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