September 18, 2014

One of the biggest untold stories about our economy is that the cleantech industry is the fastest growing industry in Canada. The David Suzuki Foundation and the Pacific Institute for Climate co-hosted this event in Vancouver to find out how creating the solutions for environmental challenges is creating economic opportunity.

Canadian leader in the rapidly expanding cleantech economy, Céline Bak, shared her insights on Canada's advantage in clean technology, and how to build on this momentum towards a clean and prosperous future. Cleantech business leaders joined in a post-presentation discussion and audience-participation question and answer session.


3:40- Dr. David Suzuki
13:30- Dr. Tom Pedersen, Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions
26:32- Céline Bak, Analytica Advisors
54:45- Jonathan Rhone, BC Cleantech CEO Alliance
1:04:16- Ross Beaty, Alterra Power Corp.
1:12:47- David Helliwell, Pulse Energy

Special thanks to our partners: BC Cleantech CEO Alliance, BC Technology Industry Association, Business in Vancouver and Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Centre.

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(Photo Credit: B Calhoun Photography)

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