Climate solutions

  • Photo: Carbon tax or cap-and-trade?

    Carbon tax or cap-and-trade?

    What is a carbon fee? Pricing carbon emissions through a carbon fee is one of the most powerful incentives that governments have to encourage companies and households to pollute less... More »

  • Photo: Carbon pricing

    Carbon pricing

    Pricing carbon emissions The problem: It's free to pollute Many environmentalists and economists agree that putting a price on greenhouse gas emissions is one of the most powerful tools we... More »

  • Photo: Climate change resources for business

    Climate change resources for business

    A comprehensive list of links to help make you and your business environmentally conscious. More »

  • Photo: Industry solutions

    Industry solutions

    Industry produces more than 35 per cent of Canada's total greenhouse gases. In fact, a small handful of industries produce the vast majority of these emissions. More »

  • Photo: Energy-efficient buildings

    Energy-efficient buildings

    Slashing energy use in homes and offices is an important way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and it saves money. More »

  • Photo: Transportation solutions

    Transportation solutions

    Transportation is responsible for more than 26 per cent of Canada's total greenhouse gas emissions. More »

  • Photo: Urban planning solutions

    Urban planning solutions

    Sprawl consumes large quantities of land, segregates houses from shops and workplaces, depends on cars, and has little regard for the natural environment. In some parts of Canada sprawl is the largest driver of greenhouse gas emissions. More »