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Making use of video conferencing technology is one means of reducing a business's carbon footprint.

David Suzuki Foundation publications

Doing Business In A New Climate

doing business in a new climate.jpgFind out how your business can save the climate —
and improve its bottom line.

Doing Business in a New Climate is a how-to guide to help businesses and other organizations measure, reduce, and offset their greenhouse gas emissions.

Purchasing Carbon Offsets

purchasing carbon offsets.jpg Do you have questions about carbon offsets?

Download Purchasing Carbon Offsets, a guide to help Canadian consumers, businesses and organizations assess the quality of carbon offsets and the vendors that sell them.

General media articles

BusinessWeek — Business gets serious about emissions

Grist Magazine — Getting a toehold on your company's climate footprint


The Sustainability Advantage — Bob Willard

Ecosystem Marketplace — Voluntary Carbon Markets

About the Foundation's green workplace

Background information for businesses interested in implementing climate programs

Canadian Business for Social Responsibility — The Climate Change Guide

ClimateBiz — The Business Resource for Climate Management

SafeClimate for Business

The Carbon Trust

The Climate Group

The Conference Board of Canada — Adapting to Climate Change: Business Planning, Risk Management and Emergency Preparedness

The Carbon Disclosure Project

Business for Social Responsibility — A Three-Pronged Approach to Corporate Climate Strategy

Corporate Governance and Climate Change: The Banking Sector

BBC - Quick guide: Carbon footprints

Price Waterhouse Coopers — Going Green: Sustainable Growth Strategies

Sea Studios Foundation — Ahead of the Curve: Business responds to climate change

Pew Charitable Trusts — Getting Ahead of the Curve: Corporate Strategies That Address Climate Change

Ecosystem Marketplace — Going Carbon Neutral: How The Retail Carbon Offsets Market Can Further Global Warming Mitigation Goals

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Climate change science & economics

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Real Climate

UK Government — Stern Review: The Economics of Climate Change

David Suzuki Foundation — The Science of Climate Change

News and information on the world carbon market

Ecosystem Marketplace — State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets: Picking Up Steam

The World Bank: State and Trends of the Carbon Market 2007

The World Bank: Carbon Finance

Green Markets International — News and information on the carbon market

Resources for creating an emissions inventory

"The Greenhouse Gas Protocol:

World Resources Institute — Working 9 To 5 On Climate Change: An Office Guide

World Resources Institute — Hot Climate, Cool Commerce: A Service Sector Guide to Greenhouse Gas Management

Carbon calculators and other tools

Greenhouse Gas Protocol Calculation Tools

David Suzuki Foundation/Pembina Institute GHG Quantification Tool for Businesses and other Organizations

Environmental Defense Paper Emissions Calculator

Carbon Trust — Carbon footprint tools

Natural Resources Canada — Gigajoule and Energy Intensity Calculator

Carnegie Mellon Green Design Institute — Economic Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment (EIOLCA) Tool

TerraPass — Business Carbon Calculator

Energy efficiency and other tips for reducing emissions

Cool Companies

Pembina Institute — Cool Business Guide

National Association of Energy Service Companies

Metro Vancouver — Business Case Total Cost Assessment

Pollution Probe — A Guide to Climate Change for Small- to Medium-sized Enterprises

Environmental Protection Agency- Energy Star

Fraser Basin Council — Green Fleets BC

Natural Resources Canada — Office of Energy Efficiency

Natural Resources Canada — Simple Payback Calculator

Natural Resources Canada — ENERGY STAR Simple Savings Calculator for Volume Purchases

Natural Resources Canada — Industrial Energy Efficient Equipment

Natural Resources Canada — Saving Energy Dollars in Stores, Supermarkets and Malls

Natural Resources Canada — Saving Energy Dollars in Hotels, Motels and Restaurants

Natural Resources Canada — Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings

Natural Resources Canada — Guide to an Energy-Smart Office

Natural Resources Canada — Dollars to $ense Energy Management Workshops

Renewable energy and renewable energy certificates (RECs)

World Resources Institute — Switching to Green

David Suzuki Foundation — Renewable Energy Certificates

Assistance programs for businesses

BC Hydro PowerSmart for Business


Office of Energy Efficiency — Programs and Initiatives

Industry Canada — Sources of Funding

National Research Council Canada — Industrial Research Assistance Program

Product labelling & supply chain emissions management

Carbon View

CarbonCounted — CarbonFree Product Label

Carbon Trust — Carbon Footprints in the Supply Chain: the Next Step for Businesses

BuySmart Network — Reducing Supply Chain Carbon

Metro Vancouver — Sustainable Supply Chain Logistics Guide

Resources for making a company, product, service or event carbon neutral

Business for Social Responsibility — Offsetting Emissions: A Business Brief on the Voluntary Carbon Market

The Carbon Trust — Three Stage Approach to Developing a Robust Offsetting Strategy

Carbon Management & Carbon Neutrality in the FTSE All-Share

Earth Future — Going Carbon Neutral: A Guide for Publishers

Green Capital — Neutral & Beyond

Stonyfield Farm — Guide to Offsetting Carbon Dioxide Emissions

David Suzuki Foundation — Carbon Neutral Events

Carbon offsets

Carbon Catalog

The Gold Standard

Tufts University — Evaluations and Recommendations of Voluntary Offset Companies

David Suzuki Foundation/Pembina Insitute Consumer Guide on Canadian Offset Vendors

Getting Carbon Offsets Right: Business Brief on Engaging Offset Providers

David Suzuki Foundation — A selection of carbon vendors

Businesses & other organizations that have implemented GHG programs

The Climate Group — Low Carbon Leaders in Canada

Global Environmental Management Initiatives — Business and Climate Change Case Studies

Business for Social Responsibility — Who's Going Carbon Neutral?

Business Environmental Leadership Council

World Business Council for Sustainable Development

World Wildlife Fund — Climate Savers Program

Environmental Protection Agency — Climate Leaders

David Suzuki Foundation — Carbon Neutral Office Program

Communicating greenhouse gas management programs to employees and other stakeholders

The Climate Group — Top ten ways to motivate employees on climate change

Total Environment Centre — Reputation or Reality? A Discussion Paper on Greenwash & Corporate Sustainability

TerraChoice Environmental Marketing — The Six Sins of Greenwashing: A Study of Environmental Claims in North American Consumer Markets

Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Communications: Who's Listening? Who's Leading? What Matters Most?

General information for greening businesses


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