Photo: Sustainability at Home: A toolkit for British Columbians

Lindsay Coulter, David Suzuki's Queen of Green, at home in her kitchen. (Credit: Brooke McDonald)

If you're reading this, you probably care about the planet and you're curious about reducing your environmental footprint. Good news. It can be done!

The Sustainability at Home toolkit is a one-stop guide, designed to help you with your everyday decision-making. Published by The Natural Step, Lighthouse Sustainable Building Centre and the David Suzuki Foundation, the toolkit offers simple steps to get you started on the road to a greener home. It has the information you'll need to get started, whether you want to work room-by-room or you prefer to tackle issues like waste in your home. From installing energy-efficient appliances to insulating your windows and attic, these how-tos will help transform your home into a sustainable one. Remember, small steps lead to giant leaps.

Learn about:

  • The healthiest options when it comes to fine furnishings
  • Optimal refrigerator temperatures to save on utilities
  • How organic cotton in your bedroom helps others
  • Where to recycle your old batteries
  • Ingredients to avoid in your personal-care products
  • Making your renovation a green one
  • Moving beyond tips to start changing the world around you
  • Avoiding greenwashing by understanding the meaning behind eco labels

Finally, we've also provided you with a Sustainability at Home Checklist. As you learn, you can assess your environmental footprint, make changes and track your progress!

The creation of this toolkit was made possible by the generous support of The Real Estate Foundation and Vancity.