Our environment is connected by water. Lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands and groundwater flow through our communities. We use water to grow our food, support industry, have fun, get around and to drink. Natural water ecosystems also provide habitat for many plants and animals, including some that we like to eat (like fish). To ensure water ecosystems are healthy and that we have the water we need, there are a range of challenges to meet including pollution, water exports, water withdrawals, climate change, and diverting water flows.

The David Suzuki Foundation is working to protect natural water ecosystems as a key strategy to maintain water availability and preserve biodiversity in Canada by:

  • Partnering with communities to protect water in two of Canada's most important watersheds: the St Lawrence and the Fraser
  • Strengthening provincial laws in British Columbia to ensure that some water is left in streams for fish and to keep water ecosystems healthy
  • Ensuring the federal Fisheries Act, which is one of the strongest pieces of environmental legislation in Canada, is adequately enforced to protect water ecosystems

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