Photo: David Suzuki Digs My Garden

Gardening — whether in planters on your patio or in backyard beds — is solar energy at its best. Plants eat the sun's rays, transferring that energy to the soil, bees and animals, and human beings. What we eat is one of our closest connections to the sun's vitality, and oldest forms of trapping and using its energy.

With advice for amateurs and experts alike, Digs My Garden is spreading the word on how Canadians can grow their own safe and stunning summer sanctuary without the use of chemicals.

Here you'll learn from and teach others about the trials, tribulations and triumphs of gardening pesticide-free. See videos of local planters in action, get advice from other green thumbs, and share your own backyard stories. Get involved in growing a healthy community.

We saw more than 500 entries come in last summer from every part of the country, then let you choose your favorites. They range from Melanie Kramer's luscious balcony greenery in downtown Toronto, and Whitehorse's Robin Round and her 'North of 60' garden, to Fort Calgary's community garden that feeds some of Calgary's most in-need.

"Everyone who participated in the contest — including the entrants and those who voted online — has shown that toxic pesticides simply aren't necessary for a gorgeous green yard," says David Suzuki. "Let's hope that our governments get the message and ban the use and sale of lawn and garden pesticides."

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