Changes under the surface of the deep blue sea are not easy to see, but the effects of industrial fishing, pollution, and climate change are having a major impact on our oceans. The David Suzuki Foundation is working through a variety of approaches and with many other organizations to ensure that our oceans are well managed and protected.

The primary projects we are working on are:

Healthy Oceans

Photo: Healthy Oceans
Join the David Suzuki Foundation and thousands of Canadians who are taking action to support healthy oceans. »

Sustainable seafood

Photo: Sustainable seafood
Making sustainable seafood choices is an easy and meaningful way to support solutions for healthier oceans. »

Saving Salmon

Photo: Saving Salmon
Pacific salmon are an iconic species that connect the land, the water, people and animals of Western Canada. But many salmon populations are in a state of decline and have even reached endangered status. »

The Saint Lawrence: Our living river

Photo: The Saint Lawrence: Our living river
The St. Lawrence is one of Canada's most magnificent waterways, helping sustain millions of people, plants and animals. »

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Why do you love the ocean?

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Salmon farming: A grave concern, a great hope

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Photo: Big Tuna Troubles

Big Tuna Troubles

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David Suzuki honoured by Howe Sound First Nations

June 15, 2015 | Healthy Oceans

With stunning Howe Sound as backdrop, David Suzuki was honoured by, and adopted into, the Squamish Nation during the Blue Dot Tour stop at Porteau Cove in November, 2014. Read more »