Changes under the surface of the deep blue sea are not easy to see, but the effects of industrial fishing, pollution, and climate change are having a major impact on our oceans. The David Suzuki Foundation is working through a variety of approaches and with many other organizations to ensure that our oceans are well managed and protected.

The primary projects we are working on are:

Healthy Oceans

Photo: Healthy Oceans
Join the David Suzuki Foundation and thousands of Canadians who are taking action to support healthy oceans. »

Sustainable seafood

Photo: Sustainable seafood
Making sustainable seafood choices is an easy and meaningful way to support solutions for healthier oceans. »

Saving Salmon

Photo: Saving Salmon
Pacific salmon are an iconic species that connect the land, the water, people and animals of Western Canada. But many salmon populations are in a state of decline and have even reached endangered status. »

The Saint Lawrence: Our living river

Photo: The Saint Lawrence: Our living river
The St. Lawrence is one of Canada's most magnificent waterways, helping sustain millions of people, plants and animals. »

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Why do you love the ocean?

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Salmon farming: A grave concern, a great hope

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Photo: Big Tuna Troubles

Big Tuna Troubles

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B.C.'s trawl fisheries recognized for conservation achievements

January 12, 2015 | Healthy Oceans

Seafood assessments are usually released to little fanfare. But today's Seafood Watch assessment release should be heralded as a significant milestone for Canada's Pacific groundfish fisheries. Read more »