Healthy Oceans

We depend on healthy oceans for food, oxygen and cultural, recreational and economic opportunities. But the effects of industrial fishing, pollution and climate change pose constant and increasing threats to coastal and marine environments and wildlife.

We're working to make sure that Canada's coastal waters are healthy and productive so they can support the whole ecosystem, people, communities and economies that depend on them.

We believe that good marine planning (based on ecosystem-based management practices) and a comprehensive network of marine protected areas can help us ensure we have healthy, productive oceans now and for future generations.

The current focus of our work in our Healthy Oceans campaign is on Canada's Pacific, where we are listening to coastal communities and empowering them to take leadership to protect the coast they are most closely connected to.

Explore the coast through Best Pacific Ocean Stories
Stories can connect people with nature and inspire them to defend it. This is an opportunity to experience the coast through the words, pictures, videos and artwork of some passionate storytellers. You can also share your own stories with the David Suzuki Foundation and our audience.

Take some real action to protect the coast and become an Ocean Keeper
Ocean keepers brings together those who are taking real action to protect the coast. What do you love about the ocean? Want to know what you can do to protect the coast?

Learn about First Nations & B.C. Government's innovative Marine Planning Partnership
In British Columbia, the coastal ecosystems that sustain us are under increasing pressures. But there's good reason for hope. Many coastal First Nations are working together with the province to develop a long-term plan for how we use, manage and protect Canada's North Pacific Coast.

Find out what the ocean does for us in Not Just a Pretty View
We wouldn't have enough oxygen to breathe or protein to eat without healthy oceans, and the Earth's climate would be uninhabitable. We also get medicines, food, and drinking water all from the ocean. These are referred to as ecosystem services and we can't live without them.

Discover the BC's Bountiful Seas
The intricately connected, hugely diverse and colourful ecosystems of British Columbia's coastal waters are explored in this easy to read, referenced and visually inviting booklet.

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Announcing the Best Pacific Ocean stories contest winners.

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