Photo: What does it mean to be an Ocean Keeper?

Ocean Keepers is all about working together to protect the oceans we love. Thousands of Canadians like you have joined David Suzuki's Ocean Keepers to protect the oceans we love and depend on.

Here's a few things Ocean Keepers are working on together to help our oceans:
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Take Online Action

Sign one of our Ocean Keepers petitions today. It's is a quick and easy way to "get your feet wet" in ocean conservation.

Sign here:

Want to do a little more? Encourage your friends to join Ocean Keepers.

Feeling motivated? Join others in writing a letter to the editor of your local paper.

Share with Friends

Spread the word to your friends, colleagues, family and social network — the more voices supporting ocean conservation the better.

Join us on Facebook

We have an Ocean Keepers Facebook group for you to share ideas and stories. Ocean Keepers around Canada and the world are using the group to post photos and videos about ocean related news, as well as information about upcoming events and words of encouragement. Join us here:

Write Letters

Express your position and perspective on ocean conservation. Shifting opinion and public policy begins with the exchange of ideas. Start with a local representative or newspaper, or start a blog online.

Hosting Events

There's nothing more important than getting together face-to-face to celebrate, deliberate, create and learn together to strengthen our movement to protect the coast.

Research shows that people change their behaviour and beliefs when they hear from their peers rather than experts. Having a simple get together is a great way to foster change and encouraging dialogue with friends.

Don't know what kind of event to hold? Here's a list of ideas to inspire you. Made a decision? We have two easy to follow kits to help plan and outline the resources you need to hold your event—everything from movie nights to beach clean-up to arts and crafts with the kids. Join in the fun!