Photo: Paddleboarding Before Work Everyday in Serene Sea

(Credit: alykat via Flickr)

It's just another typical work day in Vancouver. I get up, head to Jericho beach, all year round except in heavy rain, and hop on the stand up paddle board and head out for a meditative 20 minutes or so. The smell of the sea is invigourating.

The water is usually calm and serene early in the morning. The odd seal pops up its head to say hello. I am barefoot and feel the water (cold in winter!) momentarily as I get on. In winter I am almost always totally alone (and stay close to shore as I don't wear a wetsuit), and the water is so clear I can see crabs scuttling across the bottom.

The view of Vancouver's downtown buildings is spectacular — sometimes with the gold sun glinting off the glass. Hard to believe I am in the middle of a city. Slight lapping of water is all I can hear and the plop of the paddle. In fall I can practially reach up and touch the Canada geese in their v formation flying south. Sometimes I have to duck as they come in for a landing inches from me. Little ducks and other birds make the odd appearance, sometimes startling me as they pop up suddenly. In the winter on a sunny day with the snow on the mountains, against the sky in stark relief, with the freighters in the foreground, the vista is indescribably beautiful.

It sets me up for my day. I visit the various sail boats who make their periodic visits to our bay. In summer I slide off the board and have a leisurely swim, enjoying the feeling of the warm sun on my back and the wonderful life-giving cool water (cool, not cold!) on my skin. There is simply no better way to start the day. We are so lucky to have this pristine water at our doorstep.

Let's protect our wonderful oceans so we can continue to be inspired by them, and play in and on them.

By Penny Noble


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Sep 18, 2012
10:53 AM

What a coincidence — this story caught my eye and after reading it I realized that my sister and I had spoke to the author while on the water this Spring on stand up paddle boards. We were impressed when she told of her commute to work on her board. That's the spirit!

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