Video produced by Geoff Edwards of Streamworks

As a twelve year old I recall riding my bike to Dallas Road in Victoria, BC and poking around in the tide pools.
The pools were alive with tiny flatfish, small crabs, barnacles, hermit crabs, colourful sea anemones and beautiful single-shell molluscs clinging tight to the rocks.
A few miles off shore the occassional freighter would pass by. In the distance I might hear the distinct, erratic sound of a fishing boat powered by a "one-lunger" (single cylinder) Easthope motor. Almost unnoticed a tugboat hauling a heaped garbage scow would head out to sea.
It was 1957 and the beauty of the tide pools mesmerized me. I took no heed of the garbage scows and knew nothing of the raw sewage being discharged at Clover Point, not more than a mile away from my beautiful pools.
In 2011 I visited the tide pools again. Very little sea life remains, just a few small crabs.

By David Boyd


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