Young and old alike are enthralled by the creatures found in the ocean.
(Credit: Roy Mulder UWVIDEO1)

My story is about the Marine Life Sanctuaries Society of BC (MLSS), that is using Beach Interpretation Programs to educate people about the ocean and what is in it. Our ocean is in dire need of protection, and the best way to engage people in the issue is to show them the amazing creatures that live there. No creatures are harmed, and each one is returned to the area they were collected from.

Marine Life Sanctuaries Society has started a voluntary full no-take marine sanctuary program. Less than 2% of Canada's coastline is fully protected. It is time to change this.

Message to Canadians: We need more full no-take marine sanctuaries. Please join Marine Life Sanctuaries Society of BC in our voluntary marine sanctuary initiative.
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By Roy Mulder

North Vancouver

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Nov 15, 2012
7:17 PM

A great video from my friend and fellow ex countryman Roy! It ain't much if it ain't made by the Dutch :)

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