Photo: Bella Coola: my home

Caption: Rainforest in Bella Coola Valley

Though I have not been directly on the ocean that much, the way I live is influenced by the ocean.

I live in the isolated village of Bella Coola, which is by the Pacific Ocean and 12 hours away from Vancouver. It has lush coastal rainforest, and lots of rain, and it is because of the ocean and rain that the forests grow so well.

I would hate to see the forest disappear. It gives us firewood for the winter, as well as food — deer, mushrooms and a wide variety of berries, including huckleberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. The thing I like most is waking up on a summer's day to birds chirping outside my window.

To see the Pacific Ocean changed by pollution would be a tragedy to me and to the valley of Bella Coola.

Message to Canadians: Don`t pollute.

By Drake Gignac

Bella Coola

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