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Sitting and watching the bears doing some fishing

With all the destruction that is going on in the world, there comes a time when enough is enough.

I worked on the Pacific coast for many years as a tree-planter and I've seen first hand the unpredictability of the Pacific Ocean — from pleasure boats to fishing boats and the last big one being the sinking of the Queen of the North ferry. I heard the call come in on the radio asking for assistance, but being that it was at night and we were over 60 km away we couldn't make it out.

It just goes to show the coast of BC shouldn't be a freeway for super tankers. I can't believe that some people are willing to sacrifice the only coast B.C. has just to export one of the dirtiest forms of energy to China.

I've watched whales migrate up and down the coast, seen Luna the young Orca play in the wake of our boat, sat along a river in the Great Bear Rain Forest and had over 20 grizzly bears surround us during their fall feed.

To see these magnificent creatures in the wild is something I will never forget. It would be a shame to have a big oil spill come in and take that away. It's inevitable that something is going to go wrong during the exporting of this disgusting form of energy. We have destroyed enough of this planet — the mass deforestation of the amazon, the great garbage patch out in the pacific, chem trails, mass slaughters of so many wild animals and some that have been brought near extinction or have been driven extinct.

We have let these big corporations bully us for too long. Look at what our planet has become — the two essential keys to our survival, water and air, have now become global landfills. We need to stop the madness and work at repairing our one and only planet so there is something left for future generations. The time is now to stand up and defend our coasts and our land, but most of all our right to have a say and voice our opinion.

Just remember, it's inevitable that there is going to be a major spill. Enbridge has over 800 spills in the last 10 years. Our so-called profit will be spent cleaning up this mess...and then some.

Time to close the door for good about what goes on around our coast. It's not for sale and neither is Canada.


Message to Canadians: BCs coast isn't for sale....and neither is Canada

By Steve Archambault


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