Photo: Cute Baby Animals

Speckled young seal pup (Credit: Oggie Dog via Flickr)

There are a lot of cute baby animals out there in the world. Most people have been exposed to kittens and puppies; some people are lucky enough to encounter chicks, lambs, calves, piglets and other livestock; an even luckier few might catch a glimpse of wild youngsters — fawns, squirrel pups, baby birds (which are really more interesting than strictly 'cute').

The most amazing encounter with baby animal cuteness was on Denman Island, snug between Hornby & Vancouver Island in the Strait of Georgia. We went out on a rocky bluff for a picnic in late August a few years ago, and a mama seal had left her pup on the rocks to rest and sun while she went hunting. We were careful not to go too close and scare it, but from a few yards away I was totally absorbed by its adorability.

Message to Canadians: The Pacific Ocean is home to many cute baby animals. Their cuteness alone is reason enough to protect them; a healthy ocean is also essential to protecting our cute babies.

By Faith Kremler

Nelson, BC

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