Photo: Fighting the waves

About three summers ago, I went to go visit two of my best friends in Victoria, where one of them lives.

He lived in a very quiet part of the city. We were the only kids our age in the whole neighborhood. We spent many days in his house doing nothing but fooling around and playing video games, because my friend's mom was gone at work every day.

One afternoon a big ferry that's been all over the world had stopped in Victoria. My friend lived only about a mile away from where it's been docked. So, we rode our long boards to the docks.

It was a hot summer day, but there was a big storm coming in from the other side of the U.S. border. We were on our way home and we decided to ride along the sidewalk along the ocean.

It was amazing. The waves were roaring and the clouds were rumbling in, but in the distance the sun was slowly going down which made me feel more alive while I was surfing down the sidewalk. The big waves are what fascinated us the most. We stopped at the end of the sidewalk and raced to the beach. There was tonnes of bull kelp that was washed along the beach in piles everywhere. We didn't know what it was at the time, but we knew it was fun to whip each other with it.

At the same time, we would wait for the biggest waves to hit the rocks then explode high into the air with water. It was so fun because we would try our hardest to avoid getting wet. Eventually we got soaked. We were already wet, so stripped off our shoes and socks and ran into the ocean. We would attack the waves.

We all realized how dangerous it was, and how easily our lives could be swept away into the deep ocean. I couldn't believe we didn't die from hypothermia, but none of it mattered because we were having the time of our lives.

Message to Canadians: Do you like swimming? If not, take a dip.

By Connor Kopas

Bella Coola

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