Photo: Fresh Air and Beauty All Around

No shades of Gray in protecting our environment (Credit: Holly Bright)

I have had sooo many fabulous stories about the West Coast Ocean, from explorations through diving, sailing, windsurfing, surfing, swimming. It's big, it's deep and recuperative. It hugs me with it's pressure and buoys me playfully.

From a sailboat, early morning, the shades of blue-gray distinguishing the closer islands from the further ones, clouds hovering between the mountain tops, fresh sea breeze and dolphins join in at the bow, racing, playing, dodging, shouting in delight, cooing at them, reveling in the majesty of the moment, it's gift, the preciousness of life that I know so little about and enjoy so much.

Message to Canadians: Let's be sure to recognize that at this point in history the question is not about economy. The fact is...our planet takes priority.

By Holly Bright

Nanaimo, BC

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