Photo: Holy mola

Kona and Mola (Credit: Jared Towers)

We live and work all year on our boat on the incredible north coast of BC from Cape Caution to the Alaska border and west to Haida Gwaii.

We feel so lucky to spend our lives in this paradise and see so many amazing things — including the Mola mola (ocean sunfish) in this picture.

The picture was taken (thanks Jared) while we were on a fin whale survey in July 2012. Our dog Kona was thrilled to see these new sea creatures — he diligently keeps an eye out for whales and dolphins too.

We have been fortunate to see many amazing things on the ocean but these were our first sunfish and a real thrill. We are trying to reduce our use of fossil fuels, installing solar panels, wind generator and a new more efficient engine on the boat.

We are so fortunate to live on this incredible coast and will keep trying to be a voice for all the creatures that depend on its' health.

Message to Canadians: The ocean and its inhabitants are too important to destroy — money isn't everything!

By Karen Hansen

Fin Island

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