Photo: How the sea saved me

(Credit: Hilary Chambers)

I just got back from Victoria BC. I am sure that this is one of the most amazing places I have ever been. There is something in the air that calms my soul. I have never had a lot of experience with the ocean; it fascinates and terrifies me all at the same time.

This trip was one of the most exhilarating of my life. I went hunting for crabs under rocks in tidal pools, watched Orca far out in the ocean, and fed wild seals! Something in these experiences tugged at my ancient longing perhaps, or the feeling of sliding into a place in your life where you were always meant to be.

The power and beauty of the Pacific ocean is awe inspiring; the diversity of this majestic ecosystem should be carefully protected from degradation.

The realization of potential threats to the Pacific rattles me almost to the point of tears.

Message to Canadians: Protecting and saving our oceans for future generations should be the utmost priority.
Author photo

By Hilary Chambers

Port Loring, Ontario

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Mar 25, 2013
4:46 AM

Love the words: “sliding into a place in your life where you were always meant to be.”

Jan 26, 2013
3:54 PM

That is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

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