Capulet Communications analyzed 1,000 Facebook posts — 50 from each of the top 20 environmental nonprofits worldwide. They looked at some common features of the most viewed and read posts and learned some important lessons that can help you build the biggest audience for your story.

  • photos and videos are shared more than text-only posts
  • people like simple messages laid over photos or simple infographics

Help encourage people to share your story by:

  • choosing a compelling or interesting image that helps tell your story
  • overlaying a minimal amount of text to entice people to read your story
  • providing details about the story in the accompanying text (on Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

To edit and add some text to an image, try Pic Monkey a free online tool. For an easy tutorial visit 7 Steps To Make An All-Star Meme.

If you don't have the skills or software to put text on photos, we can help — just leave a note requesting us to merge your image and caption in the "Additional comments" section of the story submission form. Alternatively, you can apply for support to tell your story.