Photo: My first time: dolphins and orca

Working together to build a driftwood raft, that didn't turn out so great.
(Credit: Sara Germain)

The first time I was beside the ocean was eight years ago. It was about 9:30 at night and my Dad and I were at the Government Wharf of Bella Coola. I heard a blowing noise of in the distance. With the light that was left, I saw an orca whale for the first time in real life, not on T.V.!

The next morning, I was eating breakfast at the Valley Restaurant and my dad heard someone talking about how his daughter had just came back from a camp called "Rediscovery". My dad found out how to sign up, and when the next session was, so we could be ready for it.

On the day of leaving, we had to be at the wharf at 7:00 am ready to go on the boat and set out for some hot springs that I had never been to before. While eating lunch on the boat, everyone was leaning over to one side to watch the dolphins, which were amazing.

This was also the first time I've ever seen dolphins. The hot springs were great and so was the rest of the trip.

I can't remember anything as amazing as the dolphins jumping and swimming alongside the boat. If you haven't experienced this before, than I suggest stop polluting our oceans, get off the computer and explore the aquatic world of the Pacific Ocean.

By Morgan Durocher

Bella Coola

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