Photo: It Felt Like I Could See Forever

(Credit: Charlotte Higgins)

That sunny Saturday morning, we left the lighthouse station to go shopping for staples at the little village just south of us. In Vancouver we could just go to the corner store but where I lived for my 13th year of life...well we had to make sure the tide was moving the right way and the water was calm enough to travel because the ocean was our street and sidewalk.

We crossed the channel and started to hug up to the shore like we always did. But this particular day I looked back and saw big black fins coming toward our boat. "Look, killer whales, killer whales," I yelled! I was not privy to such sights in our neck of the ocean so I felt pretty excited. But, a little scared too because our skiff was on the smaller side with an even smaller horse engine which was putt, putt, putting us toward Klemtu.

My best friend scrambled up to the bow of the skiff and yelled at me to join her. So I did and what I saw as we hung our necks and heads over the edge was spectacular and so fun! We could see deep down into the depths because the water was clear as bathwater. She said, "look, look, look!" It was easy to see what she was pointing at because they were black and white in that beautiful clear water. They came swimming up from the depths under the boat and jumped in front of the bow (like you see dolphins do with those big ships.) We yelped and squealed as we got soaked from their spray and yelped and squealed some more as they included us in their frolicking. We eventually cut the engine and pulled close to the shore and watched as the some of this family of orcas shot nose first out of the water, showering the world with their spouts then chased each other about in their water playground.

We stayed as long as they did and then continued on our journey to the store that beautiful Saturday morning...imbued with a sense of wonder, freedom and inexplicable joy.

Message to Canadians: Please do not allow oil tankers to traverse the waterways that is home to many (including me and my family.)
Author photo

By Trinity Bissett

Burnaby, BC

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Sep 17, 2012
5:38 PM

What a great story. I have traveled our coast a great deal and love it. It can only be people who do not know it that would allow oil tankers on the coast. How can we get more people to spend some time getting to know it's beauty and magic.. This is a great project.

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