Photo: Let's Play

(Credit: Patrick Nash)

Forty years ago as a university student hoping to study marine biology, I hooked up with a fisherman friend, Eric. He was raised in Bamfield and knows the coastal waters well. We were fishing for tuna approximately 150 miles west of Triangle Island off the north tip of Vancouver Island. I didn't realize that the normally green waters of our nearby coast turn a lovely blue color, and that's where the tuna are feeding.

Early one morning there started a roll and swell of the ocean, good size, thirty feet maybe. All of a sudden as I looked over the stern at a roller approaching us, hundreds and hundreds of brown porpoises breached at the same time and followed for half an hour before leaving. I sat up on the prow and watched them, they would bang their tales against the boat as if to play or say "Hi".....what a sight!

Message to Canadians: The ocean is full of life, lets keep it that way.

By Patrick Nash

Burnaby, BC

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