Photo: Life in the Kelp

Fragile beauty (Credit: Lina Nichol)

I love paddling my kayak around the island I live on. The best part is paddling through the kelp beds just off shore. From shore you can see the kelp floating with the tides but from a kayak you can see the life within. Recently I bought a new little waterproof camera that I can stick in the water as I paddle. I have fun taking pictures below the water line. I lucked into a shot of a jelly fish floating in the current. It is a beautiful shot, I think, and shows the delicacy and beauty of the underwater world.

Message to Canadians: The ocean is as fragile as a jellyfish and as strong as the universe. It is ours to be grateful for. The rarest of gifts comes with it... life.
Author photo

By Lina Nichol

Alert Bay

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Oct 17, 2012
10:17 AM

True words and beauty of a photo!

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