Photo: Memoirs of Beautiful Tofino

It was 1989 and we were on our way to Tofino, on Vancouver Island. My son was 2 years old, filled with rambunctious energy and eager to explore and learn. We stayed in a motel in town that overlooked the water, listening to the sounds of the healthy, active, noisy lives of ocean life that made Tofino their home. I felt so blessed to soak in all the life energy, the beautiful salty smell of the ocean, the thick abundant beds of kelp, the birds, the fresh air, the wonderful townspeople, the bakery.

The highlight for us was the whale watching trip in a zodiac on a bright sunny day. My son was so thrilled as the zodiac zoomed off to the neighboring small islands in search of sea life. Sure enough we encountered grey whales, sea lions, an abundance of life everywhere! That trip gave us more than good memories.

It gave us a glimpse of what we need to nurture and support part of our ecosystem. Someday I want to return — I need to return, to connect with the land, the waters. As we share the environment with one another, it is ever more so important that the blend of biodiverse life will be protected, honoured.

Sustaining life...what a beautiful memory I wish to continue to help fulfill.

Message to Canadians: I am a Canadian, born and raised in Vancouver, BC. All along the West Coast of North America, we are connected by the ocean. Help keep our ocean waters healthy, vibrant & safe.

By Theresa Lamb

Arcata, California

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