Photo: Orcas In Oil

Original print from Roy Henry Vickers for sale to support the Cetacea Lab)

I made a trip to King Pacific Lodge this summer. This area of the coast on the north end of Princess Royal Island is known as the land of the Great Bear Rainforest.

The highlight of my trip was a couple of visits to the Cetacea Lab at Whale Point. There I was introduced to the work of Hermann and Janie who, as they put it, live "A life dedicated to the research and protection of all whales and coastal companions of this pristine ecosystem called the Great Bear Rainforest."

My life is changed and I have a greater love of the coast and all whales as the result. A realization came to me in the knowledge that all whales depend on their echolocation for communication under the sea. Great supertankers traveling this coast would destroy their habitat by making it impossible for whales to communicate. Perhaps it is the whales that hold the key that would prevent supertankers from carrying dirty oil to China from our coast. I was made aware of the fact that this oil our government wants to ship to China is heavy and sinks to the bottom of the water, making any cleanup as we know it impossible.

I hope that the production of this image Orcas In Oil helps people understand that we must protect those who cannot speak for themselves. Let's make our voices like a giant ripple that crosses all boundaries with the knowledge that we must fight to protect what we have left in beautiful British Columbia.

Twenty-five percent of all sales of the fine art print, Orcas In Oil, will be given to the Cetacea Lab. They depend on private donations, as government grants are not available to them.
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By Roy Henry Vickers


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Aug 30, 2012
8:54 AM

Where can I get this print?

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