Photo: Terrifying Beauty

(Credit: Ben Carswell) The cougar looking back at us one last time before running into the bush

My Dad and I went on a kayak trip 2 years ago. We spent our first night on Cracroft Island, north of Robson Bight. As we were finishing our dinner and sat out on the point watching the sun set, my dad stood up and turned around and less than ten feet from him was a cougar. It seemed to be as shocked as we were so we both stood up and picked up some driftwood and waved it in the air to scare it away.

It was the most beautiful animal I have ever seen. I can still remember its golden eyes looking at me from not even ten feet away. After we started to make loud noises and told it to go away it turned and ran away across the beach. I was lucky I had my camera with me and got a few shots of him. We know it was a him because he was scent marking right next to our tent.

We didn't sleep well that night but what a story to walk away with.

Message to Canadians: The West coast is the most beautiful place in the world and has the most awesome wildlife.
Author photo

By Ben Carswell

Victoria, BC

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Sep 29, 2012
5:07 PM

Great story, love the cats.Haven't see one in the wild yet.I used to train at JIBC in Maple Ridge and a cougar would come down to the fence to look for food.I had just missed him.We are very lucky.R.Ross

Sep 01, 2012
2:58 PM

That's my boyfriend! i'm so glad he's alive!!!

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