All photos taken in the cold, dark, rich waters of Northern Vancouver Island, BC
(Credit: Marine Detective)

The reason you can't see to the bottom of these cold waters is because there is so much life...
A rich plankton soup...
Dark green with the phytoplankton that make oxygen and buffer carbon dioxide...
Thick with zooplankton the larval offspring of species of astounding colour and biodiversity...
Enough plankton to fuel a food web that explodes with giants...
Who breathe the very air that you do.

So much is hidden in these cold, dark, rich waters.
There's so much to protect.

This video is my attempt to bring the astounding biodiversity of the cold, rich waters of the NE Pacific to the surface.
If there is one thing I hope to achieve with my photography, it is to shatter the perception that — because you can't see to the bottom — there must not be much life in these waters. The opposite it true. The reason you can't see to the bottom is because there is SO much life.

Please feel free to share liberally. Hopefully this video will enhance people feeling a connection to the ocean, wanting to undertake further conservation, and understanding what is at stake with high risk projects that worship short term-economic gain at the cost of long-term environmental devastation — like the Enbridge Gateway Pipeline Project.

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*Assistance in video editing provided by Hunter Molnar Stanton, One Eye Video Productions.
Author photo

By Jackie Hildering

Port McNeill

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