Photo: The world's biggest animal feeds on one of the smallest

(Source: True Wild Life)

Blue whales are the largest animal on the planet. They can grow as lons as two school buses and weigh as much as 15 school buses full of kids! It's hard to imagine their diet is the world's tiniest animal (krill), until you find out that they eat 40 million (9 tons) of them every day!

Krill are tiny crustaceans, similar to a shrimp or prawn. They are capable of swimming, but they mostly drift along with ocean currents. They make up for their small size with abundance.


Blue whale populations are currently estimated at 10,000 worldwide. That's down from an original population of 300,000, but up from a dismal 600-2000, which was the estimated population around the time whaling was abolished.

Although slow to recover from whaling, the blue whale is finally returning to the B.C. coast. They come to eat rich populations of krill.

Have you ever seen a blue whale?

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theas animmals are very cool and some are grose

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