Photo: Tide Pool Treasure

They're hatching!
(Credit: Jacqui Engel)

This August, while 'tide-pooling' near Fanny Bay on Vancouver Island with my two little grandchildren, we made a fabulous discovery! We flipped over a large rock in search of crabs, but there we found so much more! A fish was nestled in the bit of water left behind at low tide, but on the bottom of the now upside rock... treasure!!

Upon close inspection we realized we had discovered a nest of eggs — in the process of hatching! We were amazed! I took some photos and we quickly returned the rock as not to harm the life beneath.

The fish was a plainfin midshipman, a type of toadfish, which makes a very loud humming sound, and has amazing courtship behavior. After listening to the sound bite of the fish buzzing, Charli, 6, decided the fish should be called a 'bee sculpin'.

What a wonderful few moments on the beach that inspired their imaginations, wonder, joy and a love for all that we are so fortunate to have right in our backyard.

Message to Canadians: Go outside to play!

By Jacqui Engel

Port Mcneill, BC

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Aug 23, 2012
7:13 PM

Hi Jacqui, from Campbell River! My kids and I go tidepooling all the time, and they can confidently tell anyone about all the treasures they find, which does make them appreciate nature more, and to not fear it. Great story! I want to find some fish eggs now. :)

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