How far will people go to protect their home and way of life?

Federal pipeline hearings arrive in the coastal First Nations community of Bella Bella — well, not quite. After a trumped-up security scare, the Joint Review Panel decides to set up shop on the other side of Lama Passage. Heiltsuk paddlers canoe across to support community members delivering testimony. Upon their arrival, they learn that representatives from Enbridge — the company that wants to build the pipeline in the first place — won't be attending.

Chief Councillor Marilyn Slett, Tribal Councillor Jess Housty, lawyer Carrie Humchitt and Hereditary Chief Harvey Humchitt tell the story of the pipeline debate from the Heiltsuk point of view, sharing their vision of a sustainable future on the B.C. coast.

This is the third part a 3-part webisodic documentary project by Bintaro Media, an independent production team. Originally posted at

Message to Canadians: "It's not about money or jobs or improving safety requirements. It's accepting that sometimes your values and your identity matter more." Jess Housty, Heiltsuk Councillor
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By Stephanie Brown

Montreal, QC

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Oct 16, 2012
8:28 PM

We stand with the Heiltsuk people as one!! Thank you for standing in your power, and for protecting the magnificent Inside Passage from the peril of an oil spill.

As a former employee on the Queen of the North, I know the fragile ecosystem which we are all a part of in that area. I also know that the QUEEN lays at the bottom of Hartley Bay, still spewing fuel into the fishing grounds there. She lays there as a token of what can happen in the future if this pipeline is allowed.

We will be in Victoria in Monday the 22nd for you and all the people of BC that love and respect our natural places.

Inlakesh ( I AM another YOU)

In Unity Ev Schmidt

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