Photo: When Will We Wake Up?

Crofton Mill (Credit: weasello via Flickr)

Twenty five years ago my husband and I were crab fishers working from the dock in Crofton on Vancouver Island.

There is a pulp and paper mill that has operated on the shoreline of Crofton since 1957. This mill has polluted our air, soil and water with dangerous toxins, and so, we had to set our traps far away from it. The line of the pollution reached further out from Crofton, all the way to Chemainus.

The fish, prawns and crab that get pulled up in nets were often deformed and had large blue lumps on their bodies. The birds in the area also became sterile from eating the fish. The whole ecosystem was suffering because of the toxic dumping from this mill.

Eventually we all had to stop fishing there because of the toxic contamination that had infiltrated the entire food web.

I guess what I am trying to say, is that we have to stop destroying our home because we are killing ourselves.

Message to Canadians: Please wake up!

By Linda Dufort

Comox Valley, BC

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Nov 04, 2012
10:07 AM

I could not agree more, it is time for us as a nation and as the people of a nation to start doing the right thing no matter what the economic repercussions may be. If we would only spend a fraction of the time we spend creating these problems, we will soon find the solutions to a better world for all.

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