Out for a leisurely fishing trip one summer day, we got a little more than expected! (But no fish!)

My two friends and I were out for a leisurely fishing day near Pender Harbour in a small 14-foot aluminum boat, just off Nelson Island (Sunshine Coast). We'd heard there were a couple of orcas hanging around in the area for the past couple of days and were hopeful we'd be lucky enough to see them. Little did we know...

It appears the three juveniles may have been after some baby seals sitting on the shore of the small islands we had stopped by. (It's our favourite fishing spot, and I guess we're not the only ones!)

We had just arrived there and were about to put our rods out when we spotted the whales a little ways off. We always respect marine mammals and know how important it is for boats to keep their distance. Our boat was stationary the whole time during these clips — the whales were the ones that came over and checked US out, up close and personal!!

There was one other boat in the area that shared the experience as well. It was pretty priceless.

To be expected, we didn't get a single nibble after that. But the once-in-a-lifetime experience made up for it!

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By Judy Renouf

Garden Bay, BC

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Aug 08, 2012
4:34 PM

You were very lucky ! It must have been beautiful…..I'm jealous…

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