Photo: Help us protect the Gulf of Saint Lawrence

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Help protect the Gulf of St. Lawrence! Watch the video of David Suzuki reading the Declaration of the Defenders of the Gulf and ask the government to help protect the Gulf from oil and gas spills.

The Declaration of the Defenders of the Gulf

We are the people of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, one of the planet's most precious and unique ecosystems. This is where water embraces the land, and caresses the sky to create a biological profusion of plants and animals.

For millennia, the Gulf's abundance and generosity have supported people and our communities. It is our history, our culture, our way of life. We give thanks to our ancestors who passed on the Gulf and accept the responsibility to protect and maintain its integrity for all future generations.

Now, exploding human numbers, technological power, consumptive demand, and global economy are putting the Gulf under multiple stresses. We understand that our economic and social wellbeing depend on a healthy Gulf ecosystem.

Nature cannot be forced to conform to human borders and economy. Instead, we must maintain its health and subordinate our interests to the gulf. We people of the Gulf, pledge to be its protectors and defenders of this sacred place.

Dr. David T. Suzuki
Old Harry, Magdalen Islands
April 30, 2011

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