Photo: DSF's approach to marine conservation

There is time to reverse the damage to our oceans, but we must act now. (Credit: Jeffery Young)

The David Suzuki Foundation is committed to helping make Canada globally renowned for conserving, protecting, and restoring the health and diversity of our marine environments. Our goal is to ensure that marine life survives in its full diversity and at viable levels of abundance.

We are working through a variety of approaches and with many other organizations to ensure that our oceans are well managed and protected. The range of approaches we engage to support our healthy oceans objective include:

  • Profiling industrial impacts and advocating for reforms to marine-related policies, regulations, and laws to protect ecosystem services.
  • Promoting conservation and recovery plans for threatened and endangered species.
  • Supporting marine-related science and research.

The health of Canada's oceans is gradually but steadily declining. We have already lost many fish stocks, marine mammals and other marine wildlife. We still have time to reverse the damage, but we must make changes to how we use our oceans now.

If you'd like to be an advocate for our coastal waters, join the David Suzuki Foundation Ocean Keepers.