Photo: Marine use planning

(Credit: Jeffery Young)

The David Suzuki Foundation is working to ensure that Canada's marine ecosystems are maintained in a healthy, functioning condition and that the use of marine resources is conducted under the principles of ecosystem-based management. We believe the best way to meet these objectives is through integrated management planning initiatives that convene the many users of our marine resources in a comprehensive process of research, dialogue and negotiation. This process is referred to as marine use planning.

We are advocating for the establishment of marine-use planning processes in Canada's Large Ocean Management Areas, Our goal is to see processes that result in a the designation of a comprehensive system of marine protected areas and a suite of conservation objectives and management prescriptions that establish boundaries and set limits regarding where and to what degree industrial activities are permitted in our oceans.

Canada has very clear conservation commitments under the United Nations International Convention on Biodiversity and the subsequent Canadian Biodiversity Strategy. It also has a clear mandate for ecosystem-based management and marine conservation through Canada's Oceans Act and the accompanying Oceans Strategy. Unfortunately, over the past 10 years, Canada has failed to realize its commitments under both of these. Our interest is to see Canada meet its obligations under these instruments.

Marine use planning has the potential to develop lasting solutions for our oceans.

That's why we're working to support First Nations and the British Columbian government in the Marine Planning Partnership to develop a plan to manage human activities in the ocean in a comprehensive way.

We are also calling on the Canadian government to dedicate the funding and capacity necessary to effectively implement marine planning processes that aim to maintain the health of Canada's oceans, honour the aspirations of coastal First Nations and provide sustainable economic opportunities for coastal communities.

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