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Photo: DSF's approach: Working with business towards a Common Vision

The David Suzuki Foundation is part of a global network of conservation organizations working to improve fisheries and aquaculture operations and ensure seafood is produced in ways not harmful to the environment. A key activity in this effort is working directly with seafood businesses and large retailers.

Our vision

In 2008, the David Suzuki Foundation and fourteen other North American based conservation organizations established a Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions. In an effort to establish a consistent message to the retail and seafood supply these organizations developed a Common Vision for Environmentally Sustainable Seafood.

The David Suzuki Foundation and our Alliance partners are working with retailers and other seafood businesses across North America to help realize the six elements of the Common Vision:

  1. Making a commitment to develop and implement a comprehensive, corporate policy on sustainable seafood;
  2. Collecting data to assess and monitor the environmental sustainability of their seafood products;
  3. Buying environmentally responsible seafood;
  4. Making information regarding their seafood products publicly available;
  5. Educating their consumers, suppliers, employees and other key stakeholders about environmentally responsible seafood; and
  6. Engaging in and supporting policy and management changes that lead to positive environmental outcomes in fisheries and aquaculture.

Our partners

The David Suzuki Foundation and our SeaChoice partners are working collaboratively with the seafood industry, particularly large retailers that market seafood, to find ways ensuring sustainable seafood is standard fare in the marketplace. Two valuable resources produced by SeaChoice to help get businesses started are:

Several businesses have taken tangible steps to improve their seafood buying practices so that they source primarily sustainable seafood options. Our current business partners include:

  • Overwaitea Food Group
  • The Big Carrot Natural Food Store
  • Federated Cooperatives Ltd.
  • SeaCore
  • Albion Fisheries
  • Seven Seas Ltd.

Please contact us if you would like to become a sustainable seafood partner business.

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