Photo: SeaChoice: Canada's Sustainable Seafood Program

We understand that understanding what is sustainable, and where to find it, is not always easy. That's why the David Suzuki Foundation partnered with four internationally respected Canadian conservation organizations — Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Ecology Action Centre, Living Oceans Society and Sierra Club British Columbia. Together we formed SeaChoice, Canada's most comprehensive sustainable seafood program, in 2006 to help Canadians take an active role in supporting sustainable fisheries and aquaculture at all levels of the seafood supply chain.

Working in collaboration with the Monterey Bay Aquarium's acclaimed Seafood Watch program, SeaChoice undertakes science-based seafood assessments, provides informative resources for consumers, and supports businesses through collaborative partnerships. Based on the scientific assessments, SeaChoice has created easy-to-use tools that help you make the best seafood choices. This is the first time that information has been compiled for Canadians about our domestic fisheries and the seafood we import.

The ultimate solutions will require all of us — governments, industry, retailers and individuals — to take responsibility for changing our approach to seafood and fishing. Consumers can spread the word and use their purchasing power to place a demand for sustainable seafood. Chefs can illustrate how easy and delicious sustainable seafood can be as a part of your diet. Retailers can take a competitive advantage by leading the way to offering sustainable seafood in their business. And lastly government can take leadership by enforcing proper laws for sustainable fisheries and labelling regulations. We hope you will choose to be part of the solution.

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