Critical species

  • Photo: B.C.'s grizzlies and human-caused mortality

    B.C.'s grizzlies and human-caused mortality

    The David Suzuki Foundation has analyzed government records that show that on average 339 grizzlies are killed each year by humans from trophy hunting, poaching, control kills, vehicle collisions and other causes. More »

  • Photo: A new era for forestry in Canada

    A new era for forestry in Canada

    The David Suzuki Foundation has joined an unprecedented coalition of forestry companies and environmental groups to unveil the landmark Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement, one of the largest forest conservation agreements... More »

  • Photo: Grizzly bears

    Grizzly bears

    British Columbia may be home to as many as half of Canada's remaining grizzly bears — and the last best hope to maintain healthy populations south of the 60th parallel. More »

  • Photo: Boreal woodland caribou

    Boreal woodland caribou

    You might be carrying a caribou around in your pocket right now — this important Canadian icon has been appearing on our 25-cent piece since 1936. But that should be the closest you ever come to touching a caribou. More »

  • Photo: Polar Bears

    Polar Bears

    Polar bears are internationally recognized as a threatened species. Their future is uncertain in the face the rapid changes to their arctic habitat from global warming. More »

  • Photo: Species and ecosystem impacts

    Species and ecosystem impacts

    Climate change is altering the pattern of life on the planet, causing widespread species extinction, migration and behaviour changes. More »