Photo: Ontario's gold-standard law

Ontario Government Conference Centre. (Credit:Mikey G Ottawa via Flickr.)

On May 16, 2007, all parties voted to pass Ontario's new Endangered Species Act — a gold-standard act that was championed by environmental organizations including the David Suzuki Foundation.

Ontario's leading environmental organizations hailed Ontario's new Endangered Species Act (ESA) as the best in the country. The new law balances a strong, science-based approach to protecting endangered plants and animals with the flexibility needed to address socio-economic concerns.

Thanks so much to those of you who wrote in to support this legislation. You have helped to ensure that endangered species in Ontario have a better chance of survival and recovery.

But that doesn't mean we are resting on our laurels.

The David Suzuki Foundation is watching to make sure that strong habitat regulations and Recovery Strategies for woodland caribou and other imperilled species are implemented without delay.

Like the federal Species At Risk Act, the implementation of the ESA faces many challenges. The David Suzuki Foundation and its colleagues produced a one-year report card on the implementation of the Act which reveals that the government is failing the ABCs of habitat protection.

Our projects

Working with government and other stakeholders
The David Suzuki Foundation was appointed to be a member of the multi-stakeholder Species At Risk Program Advisory Committee, which advises the Minister of Natural Resources on the ESA's implementation. The Foundation was also appointed to a special multi-stakeholder working group that advises the Minister on how to best protect Ontario's boreal woodland caribou under the ESA.

Research and Outreach
The Foundation plays an active role in the Save Ontario's Species coalition. To read about some of our efforts to protect species such as the Barn Owl, American badger and Butler's Gartersnake, by ensuring that the best science is used to define and protect habitat, click below for comments:

Read DSF's media release about the Act's first year report card.

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