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The Climate Change Accountability Act (Bill C-311) cleared an important hurdle yesterday in the House of Commons and is now one step closer to becoming law.

"The David Suzuki Foundation has been calling for the science-based targets set out in Bill C-311," said Dale Marshall, climate change policy analyst the David Suzuki Foundation. "This Bill would allow Canada to show leadership in this crucial year for international climate change negotiations, when the second phase of the Kyoto Protocol will be negotiated," added Mr. Marshall. The global agreement is to be finalized in December of this year at a conference in Copenhagen.

In addition to setting targets for greenhouse gas reductions, the Bill has strong accountability measures, including the requirement of the Minister of Environment to produce a plan to reach those targets and regular reports to Parliament on progress towards achieving the targets.

Bill C-311 is a Private Members Bill sponsored by MP Bruce Hyer. The Bill will now go to Parliament's environment committee to be discussed and amended. If the amended Bill gets support in committee it will be sent back to the House for 3rd reading.

For further information:

Dale Marshall, climate change policy analyst: dmarshall@davidsuzuki.org

April 2, 2009