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VANCOUVER — The UN climate summit ended with a disappointing accord that is far from enough to prevent dangerous climate change according to the David Suzuki Foundation. Canada's prime minister and federal government were singled out throughout the process for a spoiler role in the negotiations.

The weak federal government performance was out of step with the unprecedented mobilization of Canadians calling for a fair, ambitious and binding agreement to safeguard our climate. The final Copenhagen accord fails to measure up to any of the benchmarks of a fair, ambitious and binding agreement.

"The Prime Minister failed Canadians in Copenhagen," said Dale Marshall, climate change policy analyst with David Suzuki Foundation. "Canada needs to get back to the table to work for a fair, ambitious and binding deal. Canadians are demanding strong climate leadership and that pressure is not going to go away."

"From provincial leaders to faith groups, from doctors to youth groups, from business to Olympic athletes—Canadians gave our Prime Minister a green light to sign a fair, ambitious and binding agreement on climate change. But our prime minister let us down", said Ian Bruce, climate change specialist with the David Suzuki Foundation.

"The science and economics are clear. Global action on climate change is vital for the health of our economy, our communities and our future. We have solutions to address climate change. And citizens in Canada and around the world are calling for action. What we need to turn this around is political will," says Mr. Marshall.

"Our future is at stake. We are going to keep pushing for fair, ambitious, binding solutions," says Mr. Bruce.

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For more information, contact:

Kristen Ostling, Communications Specialist, Climate Change and Clean Energy, David Suzuki Foundation, kostling@davidsuzuki.org

December 21, 2009