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Strong leadership would strengthen our quality of life and fuel prosperity

Vancouver, B.C. - The David Suzuki Foundation and the B.C. Sustainable Energy Association released the following statement today in response to an open letter to B.C.'s political leadership candidates by the B.C. Mayors Climate Leadership Council.

"We welcome B.C. mayors' call today for decisive provincial action on climate change from B.C.'s next leader of the B.C. government and Official Opposition," said Ian Bruce, climate change specialist with the David Suzuki Foundation. "Climate change affects all British Columbians and is one of the most pressing problems of our time. B.C.'s communities can dramatically reduce global warming emissions while improving the quality of life for all citizens provided they are supported by the next provincial leaders."

At the same time B.C. can build healthier communities through investing in green infrastructure. This would reduce traffic congestion, provide cleaner air, save more green spaces, and create more pedestrian- and transit-friendly communities — significantly improving in our quality of life.

During the past several years, countries around the world have pursued climate action and clean energy as a primary strategy for economic recovery. This global trend has created tremendous economic and job opportunities for B.C. to be an innovator and developer of solutions to climate change.

"Climate change leadership at the provincial level is critical to enable British Columbia to position itself as a clean energy leader in a low carbon future," said Guy Dauncey, President of the B.C. Sustainable Energy Association.

Municipal climate action backgrounder (PDF)

Read the Mayor's letter

For more information, contact:

Ian Bruce, Climate Change Specialist, David Suzuki Foundation
T: (604) 306-5095

Guy Dauncey, President of the BC Sustainable Energy Association
T: (250) 881-1304

February 10, 2011